OpenSpace, Tour of Irish Estates, Sunday 21st

OpenSpace, Tour of Irish Estates, Sunday 21st

One 1.5 hour walking tour at 12pm.
Please arrive 10-15mins before the tour start time.

Walking tour of Irish Estates by Michael O’Connor of praxis architecture. Located on the site of Lanahrone House (aka Albert Villa), Irish Estates was conceived by the Managing Director of Irish Life Ltd., influenced by his travels to the USA, built to accommodate Airport staff.

Recognising the urgency to accommodate the housing needs in 1935, this area was identified as suitable for a housing site with picturesque views of the river Shannon. The beauty of these homes is their geometric simplicity. What makes this estate even more unusual for Limerick is the sense if space created not only by the generously large roads but also from the lack of boundary walls.

The Irish Estates marked the beginning of intensified speculative building in the Corbally area and the end of the ‘big house.’ It was a slice of the American dream in the suburbs of Limerick city.

Text: Emma Gilleece, Concrete Stew.