Greening Our Festival

The challenges of climate concerns, environmental impacts and built interventions demand visionary skills to address them. OpenHouse Limerick continues to evolve our practices and programme to address these issues.  

All our venues and buildings are mapped and identified by key public transport/car and bike sharing facilities on the OpenHouse Limerick  brochure. Many of the open buildings have established environmental sustainability certification recognised by industry (Gardens International (LEED), Passiv House standards etc.). All OpenHouse Limerick public venues have a clear re-use and recycling policy.


OpenHouse Limerick  design-out waste by finding creative solutions that minimise the use of raw materials and resources. When producing publicity items such as pop-up banners, we avoid being date-specific so that they can be re-used. We procure and source our suppliers locally - to prevent the environmental impact of long distance travel.

In recognition of our focus on energy, we have chosen the following Positive Impact Pledge Actions. This is a free international scheme based on areas that relate to sustainability with four levels of commitment: To consider; To monitor; To implement and To improve.

Waste Management

OpenHouse Limerick maximise a paperless objective by developing an online presence for marketing, registration, ticketing, agenda and speaker notes etc.

OpenHouse Limerick provide volunteer packs that contains only essential information - formatting handouts to minimise the amount of paper required by scaling and printing double sided.


OpenHouse Limerick promotes the use of public transport; the use of ‘GoCar’ car share pooling; and Coke bike. Events within the city centre are all within walking distance, and events outside the city centre are clustered to minimise travel.