Limerick through a Lens

The Open House Limerick 2020 festival returns for its 9th year from Saturday, November 21st; and this time we are bringing it to you through a lens. 

Whether you are living in Philadelphia or are self isolating in Cappamore; whether you have restricted mobility or you are working night shifts; this years OHL2020 festival is an 'access all areas' pass to enjoy a little of what Limerick has to offer.

This year's theme, 'Limerick through a Lens', evokes how we as a society have interacted with our built environment and public realm over the last 9 months. Citizens have walked and explored and distanced ourselves, not only from one another, but also from interior spaces that we don't call home.

Inspired by 2020 itself, this year's festival features a collection of videos from Limerick City and County.

Let us bring you on a journey that tells the tale of some of the buildings that you see everyday, some that lie hidden, and walks that cover 800 years of cityscape in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

Some of the highlights include :

• 'The story of drinking water'. Go behind the scenes to discover where the magic happens
• 'Boat House, Lough Inchiquin', Lose yourself by the lake in an architect designed hideaway
• 'Merchant Houses' Kilmallock, County Limerick. Part One of a Two Part Medieval Journey
• 'Castle Towers & Town Walls' Kilmallock, County Limerick - Part Two of a Two Part Medieval Journey
• 'Off the Grid', Newtown Pery, Limerick City. Go off Limerick's Georgian Grid and see where it takes you
• 'The Island', Limerick City. Surrounded by water, visit Limerick's Medieval treasure island
• 'Build your own Limerick' The Crescent, Limerick City. Paper, glue and markers at the ready! This interactive building workshop is one for all the family to enjoy.

The festival, organised by a voluntary committee, is presented by architects, designers, academics, artists and many others for the general public to enjoy—ALL FOR FREE.

OpenHouse Limerick has a simple mission: to provide access to buildings that are normally closed for the general public. As OpenHouse Limerick enjoys growing numbers and a more diverse audience annually this new virtual element will continue into the future to ensure that, in addition to the physical festival which we hope to welcome back in 2021, there will always be a way to enjoy Limerick's architecture, wherever you are.

OpenHouse Limerick is proudly supported by Limerick City and County Council through its Festivals and Events Grant Scheme 2020. The 'Build your own Limerick' has been kindly shared by The Limetree Theatre. The festival is sponsored by Roadstone.