The OpenHouse Vision

‘OpenHouse’ has a simple but powerful vision: to showcase outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely free of charge. OpenHouse initiatives invite everyone to explore and debate the value of a well-designed built environment.

OpenHouse Limerick became a member of OpenHouse Worldwide in 2012, a family that has grown to over 40 cities across five continents since it was founded in London in 1992. Each year, the programme of events has continued to grow and evolve, to foster learning and an appreciation and understanding of the value of architectural excellence in our region through showcasing outstanding design.

Well-designed buildings and public spaces are vital in creating and sustaining a vibrant and equitable city. Through experiencing architecture, OpenHouse Limerick enables the wider community to: become more knowledgeable; engage in dialogue; make informed judgements about; and envision, our future built-environment.