OpenHouse Limerick

Architectural Bake-Off


Event Type: Virual Baking Competition

When: Saturday 16th October - 28th October

Time: 9:30, 16th October - 18:00, 28th October

Where: From your own homes


Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: FREE




Open House Limerick invites the public to get involved and join the Architectural Bake-Off this October.


For the first time in Open House Limerick’s history, we invite the public to get involved and join our Architectural Bake-Off from the comfort of your own home. All entrants big and small are invited to select one of three modernist Limerick buildings to make in cake form between October 16th - 28th. Bake from your own home and submit pictures and videos of your final creations to be judged via email and social media #OHLBakeOff to be shortlisted by our panel of Judges. The winner of the Open House 2021 Architectural Bake-Off will be announced on Oct 31st, receiving a fantastic culinary prize.



October 16th, Bake-Off Begins

At 9am on 16th October OHL will announce the names of two modernist Limerick buildings to all registered entrants.  Entrants will then have until 28th October to bake one of the three buildings, document their creation through videos and photos and submit these for judging via social media by tagging @openhouselimerick and using the hashtag #OHLBakeOff or through email to:


Two Modernist Buildings to Bake:
1) Sarsfield House
2) Ranks Silo at Limerick Docks

Please go to OHL SM for images of these two Modernist Buildings, and get baking!


28th October, Bake-Off Final Deadline

Final Deadline for submission of video and photos documenting your final baked creation 6pm.


29th-30th October

Sadly the judges will not be able to taste your creations, so points will be awarded for your bold finesse and creativity. Make your photos and videos fun as they’ll be shared online.  


31st October, Results and Winners

The jury will announce the winners of the Architecture Bake Off on Open House Limerick’s social media and website.


You must register for the Architectural Bake-Off through eventbrite, please follow this link to register: 




This project is funded by Limerick City and County Council’s Festivals and Events Grant Scheme 2021/2022.

Open House Limerick 2021 is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, Heritage Council and Limerick City and Council Culture and Arts Office.

Open House Limerick is sponsored by Roadstone and RIAI and supported by the Irish Architecture Foundation, Open House Worldwide and