Open House Tours

Ringmoylan, Where Land Meets Sea


Self-guided walking tour
Liimited Disabled Access


Starting Point: Ringmoylan Pier


This self-guided looped walk at Ringmoylan shines a spotlight on an ancient and ongoing culture and built heritage in this part of the Shannon Estuary and explore Where Land Meets Sea.
The guided route includes highlights such as Ringmoylan Pier, the 19th Century Embankment and Land Reclamation programme, views of Canon Island and Wallers Island. 

A PDF maps out the area and route, highlights key stops along the way, and provides some text information to give you some background.

Download PDF here

When doing the walk, please wear appropriate clothing, especially for off-road and exposed walking along the embankments. The walks also use public roadways, so always be careful of traffic.
This project is funded by Limerick City and County Council.