Open House Tours

The Tait Trail


Self-guided walking tour
Disabled Access


Starting Point: Arthur’s Quay Park


This self-guided walking tour explores some landmark buildings of Limerick that were linked with Peter Tait and his economic and social progression in Limerick.

From Arthur’s Quay where he arrived as a teenager, by the Old Town Hall where he attended as Mayor, Bedford Row where he lived with his wife and started his first factory, the testimonial Tait’s Clock and onto Cleeveswhere he sought to re-establish the flax industry in Limerick.

Download your PDF which includes further information and a map.


The Tait Trail

OHL have commissioned a one-woman promenade play, The Tait Trail, written and presented by director and actor Ann Blake in collaboration with Sharon Slater (Limerick's Life).

This play presents the dark side of Peter Tait, legendary 19th-Century Limerick entrepreneur against the backdrop of the buildings and streetscape he occupied which are highlighted in the self-guided walking trail. The stories may be forgotten, but we will revive the vitality and notoriety of Peter Tait in the memories that live on in the built fabric of his life. 
This production will be available to stream during the Open House Limerick weekend (October 29th - 31st 2021).

This project has been funded by The Heritage Council.