The Story of Water


Produced by: Irish Water 
Presented by: Colm Ward
Duration: 3min, 7sec.


Clareview Water Treatment Plant, County Limerick


In The Story of Water, Colm Ward narrates a virtual tour through Clareview Water Treatment Plant which supplies drinking water to Limerick City and surrounds. In this tour Colm takes us through the processes necessary to turn water from the river Shannon into safe drinking water.

The Clareville Water Treatment Plant is based to the East of Limerick City and supplies up to 130,000 of the local inhabitants of Counties Limerick and Clare. The site is located close to the River Shannon and has been situated there since the 1890s to avail of the plentiful and easy to access raw water supply. There have been many engineering upgrades and redesigns over the years to improve the output capacity of the plant, increase its efficiency to meet the needs of the growing population and ensure the water produced is of the highest possible standard. 

The plant currently produces between 45 to 50 MLD (over 10 million gallons per day) of clean drinking water, which is comfortably below its supply potential of 87 MLD. The majority of this output is pumped directly to Limerick City where it fills the Newcastle Reservoir in Castletroy which keeps the city with a constant supply of potable water. The rest of the output is pumped locally to Castleconnell and South-East Clare. There is roughly 1.5 days storage of treated water within the Newcastle Reservoir, for this reason, there are generally multiple duty and standby plant equipment at the Clareville plant to ensure there is a continual supply for the local area.