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Ilen Returns


5pm, Saturday October 19th
Talk & Ilen Registration presented by the Crew of the Ilen
FREE, All Welcome
Disabled Access


Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Bridge Street, King’s Island, V94 E068
Architect: unkown, built 1168


Ilen Project - Salmon’s Wake; A North Atlantic Cultural and Educational Voyage.

This presentation gives an account of the voyage of the Ilen, a Limerick Sailing Ship, which has just returned from a two month North Atlantic odyssey that included the magnificent neighbouring Atlantic island of Greenland. 

Salmon’s Wake is primarily a voyage of the imagination, but it was also an objective celebration of the capacity of a Limerick educational community to reach-out oceanically for cultural, artistic, craft and seaborne adventure. 

Ilen, built 1926, is the last of Ireland's ocean-going wooden sailing ships; she was repatriated, rebuilt and returned to the sea by the Ilen Project, a Limerick educational organisation which finds community and individual expression in the ever-flowing medium of river, sea and ocean culture.


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