Open House Tours

HAP Shared Services Centre


4–6pm, Saturday October 19th
Regular 30min architect tours led
FREE, First Come Basis
Disabled Access


The Granary, Michael’s Street
Architects: Phase One, Carr Associates; Phase Two, MCORM Architects


Civic Visionaries: How visionary architecture addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability and how it can optimise the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

Tours of redevelopment work carried out on the Granary Building which is occupied by the HAP Shared Services Centre.

A very large former bonded warehouse building, which was built by the Limerick merchant Philip John Roche and renovated c. 1985. Contemporary with the renovation works was the construction of a large extension to house the county library with additional facilities. 

Although this is a standard warehouse structure, it is highly significant due to its scale and location around Michael Street, which was once dominated by industrial architecture. Indeed it was one of the first multi-storey warehouses to be erected in the city. It is a good example of how adaptable industrial architecture is to a number of uses including civic, recreational and office use.

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage


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